Mullah for eggs

When I went to the egg freeze class a while back, I was pretty overwhelmed by the experience. Not just because of the anxious women in the room, but also because of the pile of papers we all received in shiny manila folders, and deeper within that pile of papers a veritable WAD of prescriptions for alien sounding medications and syringes. Alongside the list of prescriptions was a list of mostly specialist pharmacies from which one could call and get prices. A woman in the room who had gone through the experience before said that checking the prices between pharmacies actually saved her hundreds of dollars. Another woman said that her insurance company covered her medications. I balked. The whole experience seemed too much. I quickly shoved the papers back in the folder and took them with me. I brought them home at the end of the day and left them on my desk. Finally, one day, I opened the folder and looked at the wad of prescriptions – Follistim, Menopur, Ovidrel, Cetrotide, Doxycycline. I closed the folder, stuffed it in my bag and took it to work. I proceeded to call my insurance company and the pharmacy associated with my insurance. They wouldn’t give me a quote as I had to submit the prescriptions or have NYU fax them over. I opted for them to fax them over. Within a couple of days, I had a quote from them, and it was at least $5500 even after accounting for my $1800 cap and excluding my refills!! I was completely shocked!! So I then got on the blower and started going down the list of pharmacies and reading out the list of meds to get quotes from them. I called probably 15 of them in Brooklyn and Manhattan and I discovered HUGE variations between pharmacies. Some of them had discount plans that made each box of medications sometimes hundreds cheaper than other places. It was crazy!! I discovered that I could save about $2000 on my meds (excluding refills) by just going to 2 different pharmacies out in Brooklyn.

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6 Responses to Mullah for eggs

  1. Interested Reader says:

    Would you share the names of the cheaper places? (Am freezing eggs as well!)

  2. msegg says:

    Hi Interested Reader,
    Kraupner’s in Brooklyn is cheapest for Follistim, Ovidrel, and Menopur. They didn’t have Cetrotide when I called, but Kings Pharmacy on 3rd Avenue between 90th and 91st in Manhattan has it. Hope this info helps!

    • Interested Reader says:

      Helps so much! I’m freezing in Hoboken — about $2500 cheaper but also liked the drs and lab a lot more — and hadn’t occurred to me there might be savings on drugs too. Am *so* grateful! Will be following your journey CLOSELY.

      • Interested Reader says:

        Also – if you wouldn’t mind email the entire list? My clinic doesn’t offer anything like it.

      • msegg says:

        I will email you the ones for Brooklyn and Manhattan right away 🙂

      • msegg says:

        Actually, here’s the list so everyone can see. These are the pharmacies I know of in Brooklyn and Manhattan:

        Agthorp Fertility Prescription Service
        C.O. Bigelow Apothecary
        Eastside Pharmacy
        Pharmacy at NYU Langone Medical Center
        Health Source Pharmacy
        Kings Pharmacy (
        Kings Pharmacy (
        Metro Drug Store
        ProHealth Pharmacy
        Z Chemist
        Globe Drug Store
        Kraupner Fertility Services
        Metro Drug Store
        Silver Rod Drugs

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