Mullah for eggs – Part 2

As was posted in my previous post, the journey for meds began with a huge overwhelming feeling of (financial) anxiety. I knew I had set aside the necessary funds to pay for this venture into the unknown (by redrawing money from my mortgage), but the actual purchasing of the meds became an ordeal unto itself. Once I had figured out which pharmacies were the cheapest (after having constructed an excel spreadsheet listing all the meds, prices, and pharmacies!), I made the decision to venture out early from work that very day to take the journey to the 2 pharmacies in Brooklyn that would give me the meds I needed at the lowest cost. I grabbed my handbag, my cloth shopping bag, and left my cubicle with a mission. I pushed the down button on the escalator and in that moment, had this flash of a thought that basically said “it’s like 90 degrees outside. The meds will wilt. They’ll expire too early. They won’t be effective.” I turned on my heel and went back to my desk. My inquisitive coworker said “what happened?” and I made some excuse about deciding to go to a pharmacy next week, of course not disclosing what I was doing.

I waited a couple of days or so, and decided to pay a visit to my neighbor in my building who I had met at the egg freeze class. She was home and welcomed me in. As it turned out, she was already undertaking the procedure and was extremely reassuring about how easy the process seemed to be. I told her about my stresses of purchasing the medications and my utter disbelief at the outrageous cost differentials between pharmacies. She then told me that her insurance company mostly covered her medications and believed that she would have a lot left over. She offered them to me!! I was so grateful. It was like the universe had conspired to stop me from going to the pharmacy 2 days ago for this very reason. My neighbor and I talked about the serendipity of our meeting.

Just 2 days ago, I went and picked up the medications. Her kindness will probably save me about $4000 and I am grateful and glad to have met a person with such good karma.  Right now, I feel extremely lucky and protected.

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