Tomorrow it begins…

Last night I desperately wanted to make up for numerous bad nights of sleep. I was still feeling pretty shitty and rundown. I made a promise to myself to do some restorative yoga poses before bed. Unfortunately, I took my prenatal vitamin right before it, and as I lay on the floor with my back on the ground, and bum and legs against the wall, I felt nauseous and questioned the wisdom of going through this egg elicitation procedure at this time. I went to bed and slept.

My alarm went off at around 7.30am. Lately, I’ve felt like shit in the mornings and have snoozed the alarm numerous times, often up until almost 9am before finally getting up. But, today I sensed a new feeling in the air. I sat up in bed and thought “I want to go on a run!” I ran my fingers through my hair, gulped some water, put on my workout gear and my yellow “I heart spicy tuna” t-shirt, my sneakers and went on a run!! And what a beautiful run it was. The air was warm yet low in humidity. Perfect conditions for running! I ventured northwards towards Brooklyn Bridge and then ran on its clunky wooden boards, barely peeking up from my downward gaze to check out the Manhattan skyline. I forced my eyes up every couple of minutes to make sure I admired this view, but more than anything, I was admiring myself!! I was running again and feeling good! I didn’t need to stop at all on this run and by the time I turned home, I was still feeling in good shape and actually sped up.

The run really set me on a good path for the day and I had a relatively productive day before I headed to NYU Fertility Center for my last acupuncture session before my “stim(ulation)” regimen. Knowing that it would be the last run for a few weeks was also symbolic for me. I wanted to end my period prior to the procedure in the way that I wanted to begin it – in good health and with positive energy!

As I walked through the frenetic streets of midtown to get to the subway, a monarch butterfly flew in front of me and then away into the sky and I immediately thought “transformation!!” I really hope that this procedure allows me to transform my life in a positive direction. I hope that the butterfly takes to the butterfly gods my wish for my very own family one day.

My symbol of transformation

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