Day 3 and 4 Stim Cycle continues

I thought I had become used to this injection business. I really did. Until last night when I administered the Menopur, mixed it as usual, but then got confused by the part where I had to get the air bubbles out. I managed to get what few air bubbles there were to float to the top of the syringe, but then I noticed a huge air pocket up the top. And even though I squeezed the syringe up a little, drops came out the top! So, I then assumed that the liquid was propelling from the bottom??? So I went and stuck the syringe in me, injected everything, and I now realize, I injected a whole cc of AIR into me!  Aaargh!!! But, I felt totally fine afterwards. I realized that because I was administering it subcutaneously, there was probably no danger. Now I know that the drops that came out the top were probably from leftover liquid stuck up there when I drew the liquid out of the medicine bottle itself. 

Overall though, I’m feeling great. I worked on Friday and yesterday I spent the day hanging out with a friend and playing music, and then going to a birthday party in the city. I don’t feel any sense of exhaustion or emotional changes. I’m wondering what changes I ought to be noticing at all! So far so good though. 

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