Day 5 Woah…numbers rising!

I couldn’t sleep well last night because I knew I had to go for my first blood test at NYU since beginning my “stim” cycle. I spent the morning figuring out how to cook steel cut oats as prescribed by my “acupunk” (which is what I like to call her). But, she never told me that the bloody oats would take friggin gajillion years to cook! FFS! I downed that shizz then ran out the door to NYU. I had the blood test then went to work. Crazy day it was too! And when I got the call from the nurse as I bought food at the deli, my estrogen levels had apparently gone up from the 50s to 444!! In other words, the regimen is working. So now I have to go in again tomorrow for a blood test and ultrasound and bring my Cetrotide with me. I’m somewhat relieved that the regimen is doing something because to be honest, I’m feeling pretty normal. Not much has changed in terms of how my body feels and my emotions. It’s actually a bit bewildering to think that my levels have gone up so much and I didn’t even notice. Weird.

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