Day 7 Cruisin’

Yesterday was probably the very first time I started to notice more of a weightiness in my ovaries, much like the feeling of tension/discomfort due to PMS. I tried to meditate last night to alleviate it and to calm the brain. I attempted the goddess pose, but that didn’t last more than a couple of minutes, so I just lay in a corpse pose but with my hands warming my ovaries to try and soothe the tension. But alas, my evening ritual did nothing to dispel my wakefulness. I got almost no sleep. There’s this super loud bell that rings in my neighborhood every single half hour of the day and it drives me crazy, especially when it hits midnight and it rings 12 times. TWELVE TIMES!!! What’s more, when one battles with insomnia, I can track the extent of it by listening to the bells, so I know for a fact that I was still wide awake at 2am last night. I awoke very sluggish, prepared then injected the Cetrotide, and was then greeted by a lovely pot of easy to heat steel cut oats as prescribed by my acupunk. I added berries and honey and whole milk and it was YUM!¬†

I noticed a lot more fatigue today in general and even mild nausea. I feel like the Gonal-F and Menopur hormones actually improved my energy and general well-being, but the Cetrotide (or at least the timing of it) seems to have brought on a slight feeling of malaise. I’m rather anxious to see how my appointment with NYU goes tomorrow. My ultrasound and blood work will hopefully tell me more about how my weekend will shape up! I’m really hoping for positive news!

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