PMS is a bitch

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my cycle to begin and it’s taking longer than usual. I have had an extraordinarily stressful week. Discontent at home and work has really made for a difficult week emotionally, and I hope like a mother fucker it doesn’t fuck with my eggs. Sorry reader for my language. I really am this “colorful” in my language in daily life so I can’t control it on here. The backspace button is too far away. Yesterday, many of these stresses at home and work resolved which was a HUGE relief. But the discharge of all that negative energy left me completely exhausted. I literally could not budge from my bed this morning and rolling over to my desk to do some work from home took energy that I simply did not have. I, even now, feel depleted. I couldn’t sleep all night which probably didn’t help either. My mind was racing with thoughts and worries about this next cycle. I don’t have enough Menopur medication to last more than a day. I need to go get some and I’m in the midst of still ordering them. My body simply isn’t cooperating right now with any of all this. But, even as a write, I can feel natural hormones surging in my body and I have the tell-tale signs of my cycle about to begin (i.e., slight headache, teariness, and discomfort in my err lady zone :P). So I suspect it’s all going to begin very very soon. I’ve done my best to prepare for this procedure. I’ve been exercising by doing yoga and running, I’ve been eating reasonably well, going to acupuncture and getting massages, and even in the midst of work stresses, have tried my best to remain relaxed. The last few days was an exception but it couldn’t be helped. I’m nervous, excited, and hopeful and am crossing my fingers and toes for the days that lie ahead….

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