Day 10 Trigger day!

I awoke bright and early (on a Saturday morning even) for my trek to NYU for my regular blood test and ultrasound. I somehow missed my connecting bus and didn’t realize that they run so very infrequently on the weekend. My fragile nerves couldn’t handle the wait so I took a cab for the last 2 miles. I went in almost immediately for my tests, and the same resident was there to give me my ultrasound. I asked her “are you here every day?” to which she replied “most days, yes.” Turns out there were no new follicles to report and the existing ones were nearing optimum size for retrieval, so she said that I might be triggering tonight. Eeek!!

I went home and stuffed my anxious face with gluten-free toast with avocado, tomato and parmesan cheese on top, then sat in my dark bedroom feeling melancholy. I tried to sleep a little but was awoken soon after by my neighbor dropping off her leftover meds. Turns out I probably won’t need them after all but if I do undertake a 2nd cycle, they will come in handy. I then sat in front of my computer watching episodes of Breaking Amish (I’m for some reason obsessed with documentaries/reality shows/movies about Amish people) and Masterchef Australia (which I can assure you is vastly superior to the American and even British versions) as I anxiously awaited my phone call from NYU.  The call was so much later than usual that I started to panic a little inside, but sure enough, it came by about 4pm. The nurse told me that my estrogen level was 1729 and that I was ready for my 2 trigger shots. I then went out to calm my poor nerves by going for a walk with a friend and for dinner in Chinatown where I again stuffed myself silly with soup dumplings and moo shoo pork and vegetables. Now I feel quite ill. I’m awaiting 11pm when I have to administer my 2 Ovidrel shots that will trigger ovulation in approximately 36 hours. My retrieval should therefore be late morning on Monday. Again….eeek!!!

I’ve noticed that my bank balance is at an all time low. I suspect my twice weekly acupuncture appointments, weekly massage appointments, endless supplies of coconut water (half of which I always seem to give away to sick friends or homeless people), bought lunches, bags of nuts, etc. all in service of priming my so-called “health” for this procedure have really taken their toll on my finances. I keep convincing myself that it will be worth it in the end. I really hope it will be.

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