Between cycle stress

After much thought, I’ve decided to hold off from going through a 2nd cycle of egg freezing till February. My home situation is so stressful that I can’t bear the thought of dealing with the daily injections and with a tense roommate situation at the same time. I want to be in a fresh environment with new energy around me. After all, isn’t that what this process is all about? Creating new life? I think there is a metaphor in this process that applies to my life. Creating a new life means tending to myself. I can’t possibly cultivate positive energy if I’m enveloped in negative energy.

I’ve also lapsed into bad eating habits again. I’m eating sugar whenever I want and indulging in gluten should I feel the craving. Asceticism is a dirty word in my world. I would rather try to engage in moderation when I’m eating with the occasional indulgence rather than strict deprivation of things that I crave. After all, research is showing these days that people who need to lose weight are more likely to sustain their weight loss if they are allowed to indulge in things that are bad for them on a regular basis than those who are forced to not indulge. So there you have it.

I also began working with a new acupuncturist. The stubborn me wanted to find one for myself, and so it was hard for me to take the advice of a dear, but forever advice-giving psychologist friend, who wanted me to see hers. I finally made the switch to Youngja Yoo in Chinatown and she has been fabulous. She is conscientious and spends a lot of time talking with me about the stresses of my life. She understands the importance of a holistic approach and is not interested in making money for the sake of making money. Herbs have been prescribed and she says she doesn’t need to see me while I’m taking the herbs – quite a different attitude from my last acupuncturist who was intent on seeing me multiple times a week for only about 30 minutes at a time. I just hope that she will help. I really really need it right now!


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4 Responses to Between cycle stress

  1. CT says:

    Good luck on your February cycle! I just completed a freezing cycle at NYU and have enjoyed reading your blog as preparation.

  2. CT says:

    Mostly really well — got a good number of mature eggs, but got a bit overstimulated (mild OHSS – gained 8 pounds of water weight in 5 days, ugh) and the recovery has been a bit tougher/longer than I hoped. But me and my swollen ovaries are definitely on the mend. Very impressed with most of the staff at NYU.

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