Cycle 2 Day 8 Still cruising

Yesterday’s ultrasound revealed “to be expected” numbers of follicles. I’m so used to the low numbers, they didn’t even shock me or unnerve me like they had in the past. I have about 2 follicles on the left and 2, maybe 3, on the right. This is just what my body does. I’m not going to end up with the wished-for high numbers, but I don’t seem to have zero either. As Dr. Grifo said, “You’re in the game!” 

My estrogen numbers have been climbing too. Day 1 of my stim cycle, my estrogen levels were 92, and now they’re up to 644. My “diet” has been kept at 5 units of microdose Lupron, 300 units of Menopur and 300 units of Gonal-F. I had a minor freak out last night though. I ran out of the needles for the Lupron and I didn’t realize it until way past 5pm. Luckily, I live across the street from a late night Duane Reade and managed to buy some insulin needles which seemed to serve the purpose. I wasn’t sure of the exact gauge necessary, but I don’t think it matters too much.

I had a rather stressful work day today. In some ways, the injections are a minor part of my day and really only inconvenience me to the extent that I have to wake up at around the same hour of the morning to inject myself and sometimes to go to NYU (about 7am) and be home about 12 hours later to stick myself some more. 

I’m looking forward to returning to my normal life again soon, though it really hasn’t been too disruptive. I’m a bit worried about the procedure though. Sedation always seems to knock me out for way too long and it concerns me a bit. Then again, I do love my sleep and maybe that’s all it was.

I’m heading to NYU again tomorrow. I’m wondering whether they’ll begin me on the Cetrotide soon (antagonist) and I’m also curious to know how my follicles are behaving. 

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2 Responses to Cycle 2 Day 8 Still cruising

  1. Tara says:

    msegg, this is GOOD! in the end, you need 1 egg to successfully become an embryo which will successfully become a baby. My doctor told me that some women just make 4 or whatever follicles regardless of age or drugs. Our bodies are super smart and science will never catch up. Once you’re done, just think, you’ll have 2 eggs that would’ve been first choice pick by your body. and 2 eggs that would’ve been 2nd choice pick etc… I’m routing for you. Just finished my retrieval on Monday and they did a local anesthetic because I only had 6 follicles (ended up with 5 mature) so i didn’t have to go under (which I’m not a fan of either) but they gave me a Valium and that helped a lot. I was afraid bc a friend of mine told me she felt like she was getting punched in the ovary but i felt nothing besides a tiny pinch in the beginning. I think I’ll do another cycle in a couple of month to give my body a break. please keep us updated. i check in on you every day to see how you’re doing. you’re almost there 🙂

  2. msegg says:

    Hey Tara,
    thanks for the support. Unfortunately, the situation does not look promising right now, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news tomorrow.

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