Cycle 2 Day 9 Crunch time

I’ve been feeling pretty low since yesterday. My ultrasound showed only 2 viable follicles and there is the possibility that the cycle will be canceled. I’m bummed. I’m not sure what to think about the situation. The fact is, even though my estrogen level was 1474, my follicle response to the medications is worse than ever. There’s a great chance that if I go in for extraction, they’ll get nothing at all. Tomorrow is crunch time. The docs want to see how a couple more days of medication will do to the tiny follicles on the left that are peeking out and waving hello but not big enough for extraction. The fellow said that the little ones may not continue to grow and if that’s the case, the outlook does not look good. But, when I spoke with Dr. Grifo yesterday, he encouraged me to stay on the meds 2 more days and we will see what unfolds. 

I went for a massage yesterday to calm the fuck down but then became worried that he pushed too hard on my lower back and may have hurt my ovary area. On the other hand, I wanted a massage to see if blood flow might increase in the area too. There is no research to say that massage is bad for those on stim cycles from what I can see online. I’ve read forums and seen opinions that vary from “massage is great!” to “I was advised against it.” It’s too late now. I went to my acupuncturist today for one last shot at helping me. I feel like the whole process was pointless. I’m confused and glum.

I’m going to carry myself off to bed and try to get some sleep. I have an early morning NYU appointment and want to be well-rested for that. 

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3 Responses to Cycle 2 Day 9 Crunch time

  1. kopaylopa says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Did the doctor say that it might just be an off month and you could try again next month if this one is cancelled? I’m sending you positive thoughts in this stressful time and hope you have good news at your appointment.

  2. CT says:

    So sorry to hear that! I have no idea re: massage, but I got one during my stim cycle and felt good after. I’ve never heard you can’t get one and I think if anything it would be good for circulation and stress. I think you are probably just feeling general discomfort?

    Not to be too invasive, but would you consider the possibility of just trying to get pregnant in the nearish future instead of egg freezing?

  3. msegg says:

    My sense is that this is not an off month, but just how my body is right now. I’m going to go forward with the extraction despite the low numbers. This is about all my body can do.

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