New Hope – Cycle 1, Days 1 to 8

As I waited to begin my first cycle at New Hope, I began to experience the patient-clinic communication problem that was discussed ad nauseum online. The clinic never emailed me information from my first visit as they had promised, I was supposed to receive a phone call from Dr. Zhang on April 8th and that didn’t happen, and multiple emails to the information line and clinic staff resulted in no responses. I was upset. I finally called front desk and explained how bad their communications were, and, sensing my frustration, they got a nurse to call me right back. It was she who ended up remaining in close contact with me. That experience changed the communication dynamic immediately, and since then I’ve had no problems.

I waited and waited for my period to begin so that I could begin my cycle, and, unusual for me, my cycle stretched out to about 36 days. I started to get a bit concerned. I had been having a very bad week of mishaps and frustrations. I felt like I was experiencing hormone madness! I just wanted it to come so bad so that I could finally be normal in my head for at least a day!

I finally went in, unbeknownst to me on Cycle Day 1, to get checked out. I waited a very long time for my appointment. The waiting area was chock-a-block and so I gorged on their chocolate chip Madeline cookies until my name was called.

Finally, my name was called and they took my bloods and gave me an ultrasound. Dr. Zhang knew my period was coming so my cycle regimen began that very day. And, being the RE that he is, he was right. My period came later that day.

My numbers were as follows:

Estrogen 61, FSH 9, LH 5, and Progesterone 2.

My regimen was:

1 tab Letrozole daily, 50 mg of Clomid daily (from Cycle day 3), and 150 IUs of Gonal-F daily (from Cycle Day 3 until Day 6).

I spent the week trying to relax but was not doing a great job of it. I was still carrying over some hormone madness from the week before, or perhaps the drugs were doing my head in. I have no idea. In previous cycles, the hormones did not seem to affect me too badly, but this cycle, I felt like I was ready to kill someone! Nothing was going my way all week. I really hoped that perhaps things were happening down there and that follicles were just growing – my madness being the main side-effect. I even went back to my acupuncturist for a dose of relaxation and sanity.

I finally made it to the end of a horrific week for America and a generally annoying week for me, and went back in to New Hope today, Cycle Day 8. I was shocked to discover that I was right. I’m responding extremely well to the low doses of meds! I have 5 follicles on the right and 1 on the left. I left, armed with Synarel nasal spray ($80; my trigger shot) and a smile on my face. Right now, I’m amazed and feel great. What’s more, they called me within 2 hours of my appointment with my numbers:

Estrogen 317, FSH 12, LH 5, Progesterone 0.5.

My regimen continues to be daily doses of Clomid and Letrozole, and 150 IUs of Gonal F for 2 more days. I go in on Cycle Day 10!

So far so good!!

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4 Responses to New Hope – Cycle 1, Days 1 to 8

  1. Kopaylopa says:

    Wow! Hey! Great news! I’ll be interested to see how this progresses for you and am sending good vibes your way! I really don’t know anything about US costs and/or NY costs- but if you are still getting scans and having a retrieval, how much money can you really save? I’m just curious. From your previous post it sounded like you were thinking of two cycles at this new place? Also- do you have to pay separate storage fees or can you combine?

    • msegg says:

      For one, NYU now charges for all ultrasounds and blood work. At New Hope, I pay a $50 co-pay and that is it. Secondly, New Hope does retrievals using local anesthetic mitigating the need for an expensive anesthesiologist, which, in itself saves $1800 for the anesthesiologist, plus the thousands for the extraction procedure itself. I don’t know, all up, what the costs will be, but will keep you informed by the end. Also, storage fee is included for the first 6 months at New Hope. At that point, I can decide what to do. I can transfer them to NYU to store them all together there, or I can have NYU’s eggs transferred to New Hope and have them stored all together there. Not sure what I will do yet.

      • Kopaylopa says:

        Well that certainly sounds positive. That’s ridiculous to charge for each ultrasound!! My clinic includes all scans involved with the process. And that’s great that you can put the eggs together. Good luck with this cycle- hope it continues to be good news! 🙂

  2. msegg says:

    Yeah, NYU has a “deal” with the insurance companies now that means patients have to pay for all that stuff. In my first cycle, I got all that money back, which added up to about $2000, but now they don’t give me that money back. It’s ridiculous.

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