New Hope – Cycle 1, Days 9 to 11

The last few days have been pretty cruisy. I continued my usual regimen of Clomid, Letrozole and 150IUs of Gonal-F. By Day 10, my 6 follicles had all grown nicely so they wanted me to come back today (Day 11). They have continued to mature and so now I’m off all meds completely. I went to my acupuncturist last night and she told me off for staying up too late at night. She could somehow tell from my scalloped tongue that I have had one too many late nights. Last week, we talked about my addiction to Breaking Bad. She compared it to her previous addiction to Korean soap operas. Somehow, that was supposed to make me stop. I *did* take her message to heart and went to sleep early-ish last night. This process *is* important and expensive and I do need to take care of myself. But after trying to keep up perfect health over the last 9 months or so, I’ve realized that I struggle with sustaining any form of discipline over more than a month at a time. I love my binges, whether they be in the form of food or TV. 

Tomorrow, I go in to New Hope again. I suspect I will be told to trigger tomorrow night then maybe go in on Friday for retrieval. I am so used to this whole procedure now, it feels like going to the dentist – annoying, but really just another appointment.

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