New Hope – Cycle 1, Days 12 and 13

This week is *the* week. I went in on day 12 and was told by a doctor I’d never met before, Dr. Chang, that I might be ovulating already, or close to it. He felt that there was a 30% chance I would come back for retrieval on day 13, but that it was more likely that I would use the Synarel nasal spray tonight (the trigger medication) and go in on Day 14 morning for retrieval. I waited all day for my phone call and by 4pm I started to panic. New Hope’s bad reputation for patient communication started to flash before my eyes. Despite my best efforts to call them, I did not manage to get through to a real live person. I just left a series of messages with front desk, their medical assistant line, and their clinical line, and I emailed a specific nurse (who was out of the office), the front desk, and the general nurses’ email address. By 4.15pm I decided to just grab my coat, my bag and all my work folders and just head on down to New Hope in person. I was *that* concerned, but as I waited for the elevator to leave work, I received a phone call from one of the nurses. She claimed that someone else had my chart. I’m not sure what that meant, but she was able to give me my numbers and instructions for the next day.

Here were my numbers: estrogen 968, FSH 7, LH 5, progesterone 0.6.

My instructions were to spray 3 sprays of the Synarel into each nostril at 9pm, then again at 9.10pm and 9.10am. I was to take 600 mg advil every 12 hours leading up to the retrieval. Apparently advil can inhibit ovulation.

I went in again to New Hope on Day 13 and the blood work showed the following numbers:

Estrogen 949, LH 54, progesterone 5.

I am to go in tomorrow morning for my retrieval. In the meantime, I started trolling the internet for information about non-sedated retrievals. New Hope frequently conducts retrievals without the need for an anesthesiologist. This saves patients a lot of money, and given that the low-stim approach often means fewer follicles grow anyway, it makes a lot of sense. Also, I’ve found that sedation has a tendency to knock me the fuck out and I’m always scared I won’t wake up!! But when I went online to check out other people’s experiences with this procedure whilst awake, it sounded fucking freaky. One woman apparently lurched from the pain and lost an egg. Others said they would never do it without sedation/anesthesia again. I’m convinced it is ok to do it without sedation, or at least I’m treating it as a mental challenge. The procedure shouldn’t take too long. I only have about 6 follicles that they are going to grab potential eggs from, so I’m guessing it won’t take long.

Right now, my ovaries feel a bit uncomfortable. I actually had a breast exam today too (sonograms for my lumpy tits). They’re quite “cystic” and always need to be tracked. I’m pretty sure the high doses of hormones I’ve been taking over the last number of months have *not* helped. My plan this evening is to eat some dinner, watch episodes of Breaking Bad as a way to relax (??) and then get an early night. Funtimes!

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1 Response to New Hope – Cycle 1, Days 12 and 13

  1. Kopaylopa says:

    Hope it all goes well, and your experience with the procedure is a good one and not scary or too unpleasant! If they do it that way often, hopefully they have some good techniques to help you get through it, and as you say, it’s not too many follicles, so you won’t have to endure it for too long. Positive vibes for your collection!

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